ASTS First Aid Training - The Beginning

The first aid training that ASTS provides, is not only completely up to date with regards to the latest first aid training protocols, but our trainers are highly skilled emergency service tutors. This ensures that the first aid training is given a more practical tilt, with the experience these first aid training experts can give.

The company was first formed in 1993 by Kevin Harrison, himself an experienced first aid training officer within the fire service. The idea of getting HSE approval to run first aid training courses came about because of the security training courses ASTS ran at the time. The 2 day security courses included a section on emergency first aid training, which at the time needed to be bought in by ASTS. However it wasn’t long before ASTS had its own first aid training accreditation with the HSE, enabling the company to facilitate every section of the security course in-house.

Shortly after this, it became apparent that there was a market for the first aid training that ASTS could provide, and so an on-line marketing campaign was devised, utilising the ASTS shop window or web site

The ASTS web site and in particular the pages relating to first aid training, have been very popular with our customers, with 100’s of thousands of visitors per year searching for the range of ASTS training courses. In particular, first aid training, SIA security training and fire training or fire marshal training. The list of first aid training that ASTS can provide has proved to be very popular including:

  • HSE first aid training (4 day)
  • HSE first aid training (2 day refresher)
  • Emergency first aid training (1 day)
  • Children & toddler first aid training
  • First aid training incorporating oxygen therapy
  • First aid training incorporating the AED

These are the core first aid training courses that industry requires, although ASTS can write bespoke courses to include different areas of interest. One company asked us to write a first aid training syllabus for its lone workers working abroad, to include insect bites etc. So not everyone requires the standard first aid training that most people ask for.

ASTS prides itself on the professionalism of its first aid training, and uses only the highest quality first aid training presentations and first aid training equipment. For quality control, ASTS also encourages all attendees on its first aid training courses to complete a first aid training evaluation sheet at the conclusion of the course. This enables us to continue to improve on the quality of both first aid content and training materials on our courses.

Business, in general is heavily burdened with Health & Safety red tape. ASTS, with its range of useful courses, is there to help take away the strain. Both first aid training and fire training are now compulsory in legislation, both of these courses can easily be booked in our on-line store and run in-house at a time to suit you.

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