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20 Laughable Health And Safety Myths Made-up By The Press

It’s safe to say that health and safety is no joke – in fact, it’s a really serious matter considering the fact that accidents are still the largest cause of preventable deaths in adults. However, it is important to know when health and safety is crossing the line and completely ruining the fun things in life, and in these cases it is a laughing matter.

So, if you’re the type of person who can see the humour in some of those ridiculously shocking myths we’ve all heard of you may enjoy this article. To help put a smile on your face we’ve put together a list of the most laughable health and safety myths out there made-up by either the press, overcautious companies and overprotective parents. Enjoy!
1. Hanging baskets need to be banned just in case people bump their heads on them and get knocked unconscious

2. Trapeze artists must wear hard hats when training and performing

3. Children must be banned from playing conkers unless they wear goggles to protect their eyes

4. Office workers ordered not to put up Christmas decorations

5. Pin the tail on the donkey games should be deemed as a health and safety risk

6. All park benches must be replaced due to the fact that they are 3 inches too low

7. Graduates instructed not to throw their mortar boards in their when celebrating

8. Children must wear clip on ties to school due to the risk of being chocked to death

9. Frisbee catching must be dropped in all dog shows as it is deemed unsafe

10. Teens not allowed to attend trampoline lessons without wearing white socks

11. Train conductors must not walk between stations

12. Employees must not use their own hand wash or cleaning products within the workplace

13. The public must not remove out of date planning notices in any public areas

14. Flight attendants must not give out blankets for warmth to passengers on the grounds of health and safety

15. Kettle must be banned in offices as it will encourage staff to use open-topped cups

16. Swimming hats must be worn during school swimming lessons

17. Shops unable to put coffee in customers own reusable cups

18. Craft lessons banned from using egg boxes and toilet rolls as they may contain salmonella

19. All workers must wear Hi-Vis jackets at all times, even when they aren’t needed

20. Schools warned not to use Blu-Tak to display art work

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 10th, 2014

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