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A Cool Head For Hot Works

The term hot work is used a lot on construction sites, but what does it actually mean? Hot work is a common term used for when there is a process being used that can create a source of ignition. Typical processes involve welding, brazing, cutting, soldering and laying felt on roofs. All the types of hot works create their own problems and obstacles, but making sure you are in a safe working environment is the top priority for everyone, which is why we are here to share our top tips on how to stay safe yet still get the job done with time to spare!

Being electrocuted through your welding equipment is a real threat and can result in serious injury or possible death. Before use, be sure to test and certify the equipment in the correct manor. Sparks and bits of molten metal are also produced during the process of welding and can create a potential fire risk if the right procedures are not in place. Specific work areas both around and below the work taking place should be kept free and clear of any combustible materials.

When handling oxy-gas equipment and gas cylinders, extra care must be taken. Gas bottles should be kept and used in an upright position and be sure to take the time to secure the bottle to prevent any falls. Flash back apparatus must be fitted if required, and make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines for start-up and shutdown procedures. Daily pre-use checks must be undertaken when dealing with oxy-gas equipment such as a pressure drop test or a leak detector spray.

Injuries can be frequent when it comes to laying felt on roofs and as a result minor burns are reported regularly due to the nature of the equipment used. Be sure to inspect all apparatus daily and rectify any equipment that may not be up to the job. Again, flash back devices must be installed when necessary. Correct clothing and PPE must be worn at all times to prevent any burns or injuries.

For all hot work you must fill out a Hot Works Permit – at all times you must follow the instructions and procedures stated on this permit. It is also necessary to have multiple fire extinguishers close to hand and to have a clear idea of the emergency procedures set by the site.

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 10th, 2014

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