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Top 5 Dangers To Avoid On A Construction Site

Whether you are up the top of a 32 story building or standing on solid ground, every construction site is riddled with hazards. In the UK alone there where a reported 148 fatal accidents in the last year and although this figure has been falling constantly over the last 5 years, there are still far too many fatal accidents occurring when they could’ve been prevented.

So, to help you stay safe at work here is our breakdown of the top 5 hazards to watch out for on a building site.


At home or on a building site, electricity is a silent killer that you just won’t see coming! Electricians are highly qualified these days and should always be called out if you are unsure about a lose wire or if you are excavating and you dig up a cable.

Falling or Tripping

Falling from a height is a huge hazard and has accounted for over 50% of all fatal accidents last year. For this reason employers have to create a Fall Protection Program (FPP) as part of the workplace health and safety assessment program. Common hazards are unstable ladders, wires crossing busy paths, equipment being left in the way and distractions. In most cases, with good planning, all of these hazards can be avoided.


Approximately 60 workers die every year after falling from the scaffold and this figure is simply heartbreaking. Scaffolders have to follow strict guidelines to ensure both the workers and the general public are safe. The guidelines often refer to things such as guardrails, braces, the maximum load requirements and erecting and striking the scaffold.


With a staggering amount of deaths caused by trench cave-ins each year, it is vital that employers and employees meet up to strict health and safety regulations to unsure the wellbeing of all workers. Other hazards to watch out for whilst excavating are electrical cables, any heavy-duty machinery and any hazardous materials in or around the area of excavation.

Heavy Construction Equipment

Machinery and vehicles play a huge roll in the construction business these days and although their intended purpose is to make the workers jobs easier they can also be deadly. The most common hazards include being run over, crushed or having falling objects hit you. To ensure safety around heavy-duty equipment it is important to follow the safety guidelines at all times. Train and re-train staff appropriately and provide guidelines on site at all times.

The construction site has always and will always be a dangerous place to work, but by meeting the maximum requirements set by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration and identifying all of the possible hazards you can ensure a safe working environment for all.

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 19th, 2014

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