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Health and Safety

Product:Health and Safety
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This CD Rom is an Essential Multi -Disciplined Health & Safety Management and Training Resource. A market leader in providing quality policies, procedures, risk assessments to assist both small and large businesses and includes our pioneering Workstation Welfare training and automatic monitoring programme.

A general based Health & Safety training programme for all types of businesses containing a health safety policy statement, visual screen equipment policy, company COSHH policy and work station training. Other topics covered are Manual handling, working at height, a noise hearing conservation policy and even a hazardous waste policy.

The Programme includes:

  • Health & Safety Policy Statement
  • Visual Screen Equipment Policy
  • Company COSHH Policy
  • Workstation Training Programme
  • Manual Handling Policy
  • Video Clips & Sound Commentary
  • Environmental Policy
  • Electric at Work Policy
  • Automatic / Manual Operation
  • Free Screen Saver
  • Working at Height Policy
  • + Many more
  • Noise Hearing Conservation Policy
  • Hazardous Waste Policy
  • 99 staff user license

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Health and Safety

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